this weekend im so pumped to continue sewing and stuff like saturday afternoon is gonna be me sewing nonstop cuz i wanna finish the elsen plush and begin working on hemming my dedan coat and maybe take a shot at sewing some fake muscles on a shirt lol

what the frick how is it already thursday what wh

i could have swore this was tuesday but apparently not :O

you know what the awesome thing about opinions are like that you dont have to say them like literally i think thats so neat like you have these thoughts and preferences about things and we can choose to share that little part of us to someone or we can keep it all to ourselves like wow is that cool or what

what the heck do you mean its already thursday yesterday was monday

"Congress for Aliens! Whoa"
“But what is congress”
“Two houses?!”
“How much is that in alien currency”
“Wow this planet gets nothing done! Sounds great to invade! - what - nothing.”
“After trying to invade the world, aliens soon realized bears were more terrifying than people and left - rawr - nooo”

I’m so gonna get an A on this project

I drew on my drink with a permanent marker pen

I drew on my drink with a permanent marker pen

i don't have many shinies but i saw one of your past posts and i'm willing to send one of mine to you?? most of them were traded to me but!!! i know your feels because i have not caught any shinies at all ever since baby-grade school and i want you to be a happy nugget hhh

hhh no im a dumb dumb so it really wouldnt give me the same satisfaction im looking for as getting one by myself but the offer was very kind and i appreciate the gesture friend uou

when people even mention stomach mouth batter i get happy like wow yes please make this a thing *grabby hands*

proktavia said: that’s pretty much the entire reason i tried that tbh. (town is gullible as butts ngl)

yeaaaaaah XD

proktavia said: yes hello it is i pablothejudge. i cannot believe i got the town to hang plankton

if you werent gonna do it, i was gonna try even tho chat boxes intimidate me because lets be honest, plankton is the obvious scapegoat in situations like this